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Our company came onto the scene a couple years ago, and we still get asked all the time, “so, you’re a turnkey company right?” or “you’re a wholesaling team, right?” or even “oh you’re Realtors and you find investments on the MLS, right?” The most common question we are asked is, “are you a turnkey company?” The short answer– “no.”

We are not a turnkey company.
We are not a wholesale company.
We are not a real estate team.
We are not a regulated investment institution.

We are a company that is in business to help investors buy, position, and manage real estate.

Sometimes those investments are turnkey, other times they’re not. Sometimes we own them, often we don’t. Sometimes we wholesale, usually we don’t.

We call ourselves a “real estate investment firm,” but what does that actually mean? We help people find deals. We make sure the deal is positioned correctly. We set you up with management. We follow up with you after closing. Thats it. We aren’t reinventing the wheel. 

  1. We do the work. We negotiate up front to save you time. We run reports to price correctly. We set expectations about repairs with the buyer and seller so that deals don’t usually fall apart during inspections. We coordinate so you don’t have to. We review leases, maintenance logs, and payment history. We don’t just look at rent to value ratios and plug predetermined assumptions on every house.
  2. We believe investing should be a win-win, and the terms of the deal should be transparent. No one is ripped off. No one buys blindly. No high pressure sales tactics. No outrageous bidding wars. No jerks. No unrealistic timelines that force the transaction to be chaotic. No, absolutely none of that.
  3. We find deals. We understand what makes a deal good, average, or terrible. We communicate the differences clearly and concisely.
  4. We are generally predictable. You won’t usually see swings in value or rent rate. We operate in a market which is sheltered from most volatility, and is landlord friendly. 
  5. We sell several types of properties. Fully rehabbed turnkey properties, existing rentals, and projects needing work all in our wheelhouse. Investors are not the same. Assets are not the same. Strategies are not the same. Our inventory reflects that.
  6. We run with a lean team. We are intuitive about your needs and communicate well. There’s minimal shuffling, scrambling, or confusion. Our internal team operates calmly, allowing you to operate calmly as well. 

Our mission is to make real estate simple; we don’t need to overcomplicate the process to feel like we’re doing a good job.

We offer investments our clients actually want to buy; we find the best opportunities that exist within the current market and help deliver the highest possible return on investment.

We are transparent about how we make money in the deal.

We use systems and communication to deliver exceptional customer service and remove as much headache and stress as we can.

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