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So you need to sell property?

We can help with that.

Our Sales Process

Full price offer. No showings. No drama.

We were tired of the back and forth, the switch bait deals, the hidden issues, and ego-driven negotiating. So we created a better way. We facilitate off-market sales where we negotiate based on ROI, inspect before a property is under contract, and leverage technology so tenants don’t have to deal with showings.


Start with a phone consultation to discuss sales strategies. We can facilitate an as-is cash purchase, an off market sale, or on market sale.


Our team collects information to analyze the property, prepares a price analysis and delivers a proposal.


Accept our proposal and finalize paperwork. We work with property managers to perform due diligence and list the property for sale.


We bring you a full price offer with repairs negotiated from day one. No more bait-and-switch deals.


Alas, the moment we've all been waiting for! Open a bottle of champagne and celebrate!

Ready to get started?
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Office Address

300 NW 61st St. Suite 205
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Mailing Address

PO Box 18463
Oklahoma City, OK 73154