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Cleanliness is the most important factor to elevate or break your short term rental’s business. Your guests expect and deserve to arrive at a home that is pristinely cleaned, so they can fully enjoy a space that feels safe, spotless and solicitous of their expectations. First impressions drive good reviews, and in return will lead to better business for your short term rental. Nothing will tank a review faster than a home that is improperly cleaned. Luckily, a little extra care goes a long way to prevent avoidable guest disappointment.

It’s way better to put your efforts into ensuring an excellent guest experience rather than managing bad reviews. We teamed up with Hive Helper to create this short term rental cleaning checklist for those of you that are managing your own STR.

Cleaning is way better with music. Boost your mood while boosting your reviews with Hive Helper’s Happy Hive Playlist.

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