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Are there requirements investors must meet to work with you?

We work with investors at all levels. No financial minimum is required. When purchasing a property, you must have the approval of a lender or, if you’re paying cash, proof of funds.

Do you require any funds up front?

No, not to get started with us. When you decide to purchase a property, an earnest-money down payment is required. Additional money is due at the closing.   

How much does it cost to invest in a typical property?

While the amount varies, a typical down payment is 20% to 25%. 

How long do I have to hold an investment?

You may liquidate an asset at any time after the purchase is complete.

How do you share investment opportunities with your investors?

We post them on our website, and new properties are emailed to all of our investors every Wednesday.

Can you sell properties in my rental portfolio without disturbing tenants or putting it on the open market?

Yes. We help our investors liquidate properties whenever they decide to. We don’t list the properties we have for sale on the MLS or show them until it’s time for inspections. As a result, the tenants are not disturbed during the selling period.

Do you offer property management?

Yes. We are partnered with a top-rated management team with 20 years of experience.

If I find a home I’d like to purchase for investment, can you assist me?

We’ll be glad to assist you. We can analyze the deal, negotiate the terms, contract the property for you, and manage it.

Do I have to rehab the property?

When we acquire a property to recommend, we usually do whatever development is required before we offer it as a turnkey property to our investors. If you prefer to rehab a property yourself, we can connect you with an expert rehab team.

How is the rehab process handled?

We’ve assembled a team of expert contractors. The contractor we select for a property puts together a detailed plan, including costs and a schedule. Contractors are paid weekly until the job is complete.

If I own an investment property that I want to rehab, can you do it for me?

Yes. We can manage the entire project, including selecting the team, preparation of contracts, the scope of work, and a schedule. We also check on the project weekly to ensure that the work is being done to meet our exacting quality standards and the timeline. You simply send agreed-on payments to the contractor.

If a tenant is in place when I acquire a property, am I required to let the tenant stay?

Unless the tenant falls under Section 8 of the Fair Housing laws, you are only required to give a 30-day notice.

Do you provide any warranties on construction?

Our selected general contractor provides a 1-year warranty on work for value-add properties rehabs.

Can I talk to your current clients?

Yes. Our clients are happy to give honest reviews to anyone who’s considering working with us. Just let us know and we’ll provide contact information.

Do you offer tours of Oklahoma City?

Absolutely! Just contact us and let us know when you’d like to come.

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